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Ricardo diesel generator set


The company operates in Ricardo 24kW-800KW generator set. 95, 100'105 series diesel engine is a vertical four-cylinder, six-cylinder, water-cooled, four stroke, direct injection high-speed diesel engine. Power range 26.5-132KW, speed 1500-2400r / min, with low fuel consumption, torque, etc., operation and maintenance. Ideal for generators, fixed power, construction machinery, agricultural machinery. The Ricardo series diesel engine is an introduction of the British and Austrian technology, and the products developed in harder climate, 95, 100, 105, 135, 138 series diesel engines, vertical four-cylinders, six-cylinders, twelve cylinders, water-cooled, four strokes Direct injection high speed diesel engine. Power range 24-1000kW, speed 1500-2400r / min, has the characteristics of good start-up performance, low fuel consumption, low displacement, simple operation, convenient maintenance.


Characteristics of Ricardo diesel generator set

R Series Ricardo Diesel Engine is a new generation of energy-saving products developed by Ricardo, England, with a unique combustion system that makes the diesel engine cold launch more rapid, dynamic, economical index, inheriting traditional 12V diesel installation, use The maintenance of convenience, increase the itinerary, transplant the technology of Ricardo, configured with monitor and emergency parking, automatic alarm and parking when the water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure and speed beyond the license range Also equipped with an electronic speed control device, fully satisfying the grid supporting requirements, the fuel system adopts a fully burning PT oil pump, which makes the engine high-power, and the fuel and noise are about 10% lower than the domestic similar products, equipped with a fan, water tank A cooling system consisting of closed cycles.

Ricardo diesel generator / generator set after-sales service

1. Our company has established the after-sales service center in Urumqi, Korle, Kashgar, Yili, Hama, and Aksu, and is equipped with enough spare parts. After receiving the user's service information, it will feed back information within 2 hours. The city has arrived at the scene within 6 hours, and the maintenance plan is proposed within 1 hour, and the reboot is guaranteed within 2 hours. 150 km outside 24 hours arrived.

2. In the warranty period, the user is guided by the product to be maintained and maintained every year, and 15 days before the end of the warranty period, specialists will conduct maintenance and maintenance of users.

3. Users are damaged by people in the process of use, and our company provides technical services, actively help repairs.

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