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Parallel diesel generator set system


Automatic and contact functional profile

First, the role: Control between two or more generators or in parallel with the mains.

Second, the characteristics:

A, improve the flexibility of the power supply system.

The unit parallel, easy to increase and reduce the number of units in the case of current electricity, and users need to maintain or other special circumstances, users can easily arrange the entire power system.

B, reduce energy consumption, full life cost.

For a long-term device such as a generator set, it is not only to consider the cost of purchase, but also considering the full life cost. During the actual use of the parallelepiration system, the user can select the number of units, saves the number according to the size of the electricity. Fuel, compared with a single large power unit, the spare parts of the small unit are easy to purchase. The price is relatively inexpensive, the maintenance cost is relatively low, so the full-service life cost of the parallel operation is relatively low.

C and improve the power supply safety of important equipment.

If one or some unit failure occurs in the parallel system, the normal unit can be applied to the system, and the occasion of a single unit is not implemented for the occasion of a single unit.

Third, operation category:

Auto: Automatic start, automatic parallel, automatic load allocation

Fourth, the description:

The power generation unit is connected in parallel, which not only improves the reliability of power supply and power supply, but also makes load allocation more reasonable, reducing power system reserve capacity, achieving the purpose of economic operation. However, only the voltage difference between the respective generators, the frequency difference, the phase angle difference, does not exceed the permissible limit value. The generators run in the grid, that is, only to meet these conditions, the generator runs in the grid is synchronous. Due to the difference in capacity of each generator set, the difference in voltage regulating rate of each generator is uniformly loaded or reactive load allocation, which is uniformly loaded.

Our company developed the XGDB series multi-machine parallel system, based on the above principle, using the US GAC's electronic speed control system, the automatic load distribution system, the automatic synchronization system, the 5510-type generator set intelligent controller of the UK deep sea, etc.. Overcoming the cumbersome and high requirements of manual operation, as well as the disadvantage of major losses caused by the inclusions that occur. The system performance is stable, reliable, and the debugging maintenance is simple. And can design the system as manual, semi-self-active and automatic unattended.

Fives. Automatic unattended function profile:

1. In the standby state, each unit is in the quasi-start state.

2. When the main grid is powered off, the main unit (main, ready to set) can be launched within 15s and powered to the load. (Preset three starts)

3. The operation of the engine and generator during the operation process: When the output voltage is too high or too low, the output is short, and the pressure of the diesel engine oil is low, the cooling water is high temperature, and immediately alarm is stopped when the speed is faulty. The display is automatically locked). Start the standby unit immediately and switch to the standby unit.

4. During the normal unit of the main unit, the load splitter will always measure the change in output power. When the output power reaches the setting full load value (the set value is adjustable between the single-machine power 60% -100%), the dispenser is output to the full load signal to the standby unit; the standby unit will start within 10s, the standby unit starts successfully After the automatic synchronizer enters the synchronous tracking state: Automatically adjust the speed of the standby unit, which is the same as the main unit, and quickly transmits the standby unit to power when the two units reach the synchronization conditions. The two units are connected in parallel, the load dispenser compares the output power of the two units and automatically adjusts. During the parallel running process, if the total load is reduced to 60% of the single unit, the load splitter of the main unit will terminate the full power signal output, and the standby unit is separated by left and right at about 10s, and the stop exits.

4. When the main grid resumes power, the unit automatically separates the gate, and the air is run after a period of time (1-15 minutes adjustable), and stop.

5. Equipped with RS-485 Data Interface and Monitoring Software for remote monitoring of generator sets.


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