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  • Apr
    What is the reason for insufficient power of Weichai generator or a sudden drop?
    In the process of using the Weichai generator set, it is often encountered in a state in which the power is insufficient or the power is suddenly decreased. It is usually mainly due to diesel failure. 1, air filter clogging; 2, valve spring or push rod damage; 3. Door gap is wrong; 4, compression pressure is insufficient; 5, oil supply advance angle is wrong; 6, fuel system enters air or blockage; 7, oil supply Insufficient; 8, injector spray quality is not good; 9, the governor failure; 10, diesel engine overheating; 11, diesel engine is too carbon; 12, exhaust pipe is not smooth. Jiangsu Xingguang Power Equipment Co., Ltd. has testing equipment, advanced production technology, professional manufacturing technology, perfect quality
  • Apr
    Jiangsu Starlight Power Group Technical Department: Diesel Engine Environmental Conditions Power Repair Positive Table
    Environmental Condition Correction Coefficient K (Relative Humidity ¢ = 50%) Altitude / M Atmospheric Pressure / KPA Environmental Air Temperature / C 0 0510152025303540450.960.940.920.8920098.66---0.990.970.950.930.920.890.8640096.66 -1.000.980.960.940.84600.894.391.84600.88.940.940.98.888.860.840.8280092.130.970.940.850.840.890.870.850.840.840.79100089.860.940.920.900.89
  • Mar
    Precautions for using diesel engine group in summer
    With the arrival of summer, the safety use of diesel generator in high temperature weather has become the most concerned issue of users. Let me introduce you to the use of diesel engine in high temperature weather! The recycling cooling water in the water tank should be sufficient to ensure maximum heat dissipation at the generator set. The diesel engine should be placed in a dry place in an outdoor shelter or a good ventilation in the room in use to air flow. It is forbidden to use flammable and explosive items near the diesel engine to avoid safety hazards. Be careful not to run the diesel engine for a long time, and the unit should be suspended once every 5 hours to avoid wear in the high temperature environment. For your lives and property, please use our users safely in the hot weather in summer! If you encounter difficulty in use, please call Urumqi Cummins Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.! Contact number: 18999222000, 1
  • Mar
    Characteristics of Diesel Generator Sets in Xinzhou SC4H Series
    New Shangchai Shanghai Diesel Co., Ltd. Diesel Engine Product Features Shangchai H Series Power Station Engine is Yingchai Company Absorbs the European and American Advanced Design Ideas, and the International Internal Combustion Engine Consulting Company, strictly pressing the GPDP engine development process of SAIC Group, a professional construction of a new generation of electricity, polymerization Advanced four-air door technology, new fuel atomization mixing technology, modular design, and manufacturing process, with manufacturing technology, with the advantages of structural compact, strong power, strong power, good noise, low noise, etc. Ideally supporting power. Four gas door structure: increase the intake volume, improve the promotion of lifting rising torque: strong engine power, low fuel consumption, emissions P7100 fuel injection pump new type P-type injector structure, vertical, arrangement: higher injector pressure , Vertical injective injector ensures the quality of fuel atomization, better advantages of combustion tissue: lower fuel consumption, and better electronic governor
  • Feb
    Diesel generator set lubrication system and cooling system introduction
    (1) The function of the lubrication system lubrication system is to provide sufficient oil to each friction surface of the diesel engine to reduce its wear and ensure its normal operation. At the same time, there is also a role of heat dissipation, cleaning, sealing and corrosion. The lubrication system is mainly composed of an engine oil pump, an oil filter, a centrifugal filter, a variety of regulatory valves and a lubricating pipeline oil cooler. (2) The main function of the cooling system cooling system is to take out the heat generated by the engine operation by the cooling medium, ensuring that the engine operates within the most reasonable temperature range. Depending on the different cooling medium, it can be divided into water-cooled and air-cooled. Water cooled is divided into natural circulating cooling and forced circulation cooling, which can be divided into open and closed. In the open-in-in-circuit enforcement circulation cooling system, the cooling medium is directly connected to the atmosphere. In the closed-enforced circulation cooling system, the cooling medium is not directly related to the outside air atmosphere.
  • Feb
    Diesel generator set fuel system and intake exhaust system
    (1) Fuel supply and speed control system: The fuel supply system is mainly composed of components such as oil pump, fuel filter, fuel cooler, fuel injection pump and injector. Its function is to spray diesel into the combustion chamber according to the requirements of diesel engine conditions, timing, quantitative, and regularly. At the same time, by the action of the fuel injection pump and the governor, the diesel engine is stably operated at a given condition. Common fuel supply and speed control system mainly have plunger fuel feed pump fuel supply and speed control system, PT fuel supply and speed control system, electric control injection (including high pressure common rail) fuel supply and speed control system, etc. (2) Inlet exhaust system: The intake system of the diesel engine is mainly composed of air cleaner, intake exhaust pipe, muffler, and boosting system. Jiangsu Xingguang Power Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 1974 and is one of the earlier manufacturers of domestic generator sets. With 64 sales in the country
  • Feb
    Introduction to the definition and characteristics of high pressure diesel generator sets
    Diesel generator sets have high pressure diesel generator sets and low pressure diesel generators. What is a high pressure diesel generator set? In fact, it means literally, high voltage. At present, many large enterprises, coal mines, power plants, ports, airports, data centers, etc. are relatively more than procurement of high-pressure diesel generator sets. The high-pressure diesel generator sets we have said is generally divided into 6kV and 10kV. Low-pressure diesel generator sets are generally a common 230 / 400V diesel generator set on the market. High-pressure diesel generators generally do according to customer requirements. High-pressure diesel generator sets have diesel, heavy oil. High pressure diesel generator sets high pressure regulation accuracy, good dynamic performance, large capacity, long-distance power supply. The voltage waveform distortion is small, the maintenance is convenient, and the service life is long. Of course, the high-voltage generator is used as high-voltage generators, so the increase in voltage level makes its insulation requirements.
  • Feb
    Reasons for the flameout during the working process of diesel generator sets
    The diesel generator is suddenly turned off during the work, mainly fault causes and solutions: 1. When the diesel generator is automatically turned off, the speed gradually decreases, the operation is unstable, and the exhaust is white smoke. This phenomenon indicates that there is water, cylinder in diesel. The pad is corrupted, or the automatic decompression is damaged. Measures: Replace the cylinder pad and adjust the decompression mechanism. 2, the exhaust pipe is black, the gas doors are not working properly. This situation is caused by poor combustion in diesel generators. The main reason is that the air filter airway is seriously blocked, causing intake insufficient. Measures: The air filter should be cleaned, and the intake pipeline should be cleaned to ensure that the air is sufficient. 3, when automatic flameout, running continuous and unstable, with an abnormal knock, this phenomenon belongs to sudden mechanical failure, its common cause: crankshaft break, piston pin break, link bolts loose or broken, valve Lock, pneumatic card spring falling, gas
  • Feb
    Diesel generator set water tank leakage
    During the use of diesel generator, if there is a water tank, how to check and repair? Jiangsu Xingguang Power Equipment Co., Ltd. technical service engineer gives the following treatments: 2, liquid closure glue. If it is created due to solid gasket, the leak surface can be cleaned, and then the liquid closure can be applied. 3, lacquer film. If the seam is leaking, soak the lacquer in alcohol, and clean the seams, apply the paint piece to the seam. 4, sticking. If it is a water tank or a water tube crack or a gas hole causes a small leak, we can clean the leakage site and then apply the adhesive glue. 5, padding. If it is a joint that leaks here, we can add a thin plastic pad on both sides of the leak-proof circle, tighten it hard. River
  • Feb
    Preventing the creation of \"stop \", pay attention
    Diesel generator sets as an emergency spare power supply after power failure, most of the time crew is in standby spare. After the electric power failure, the unit needs \"Starting, and powered up immediately.\" Daily to strengthen the maintenance and maintenance of the generator set is critical, as the unit is in a static, itself is complicated with oil, cooling water, diesel, air, etc., the crew occurs,\"stopping \"The phenomenon. 1. Water enters the diesel engine due to condensation in the air in the air, the water is formed in the inner wall of the tank, flowing into the diesel, causing the diesel water content to exceed the standard, such diesel enters the engine high-pressure oil pump, rust precision coupling - Plunger, severe damage unit, regular maintenance is effective and avoidable. 2, the maintenance of the engine oil (one year) engine oil is mechanical lubrication, while the oil has a certain stay period, long time
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