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Reasons for the flameout during the working process of diesel generator sets

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The diesel generator is suddenly turned off during the working process, mainly fault causes and solutions:

1,Diesel generator setsWhen automatic flameout, the speed is gradually decreasing, the operation is unstable, and the exhaust is white smoke. This phenomenon indicates that there is water in diesel, the cylinder cushion is rinsed, or automatic pressure reduction is damaged.

Measures: Replace the cylinder pad and adjust the decompression mechanism.
2, the exhaust pipe is black, the gas doors are not working properly. This situation is caused by poor combustion in diesel generators. The main reason is that the air filter airway is seriously blocked, causing intake insufficient.
Measures: The air filter should be cleaned, and the intake pipeline should be cleaned to ensure that the air is sufficient.
3, when automatic flameout, running continuous and unstable, with an abnormal knock, this phenomenon belongs to sudden mechanical failure, its common cause: crankshaft break, piston pin break, link bolts loose or broken, valve The locking piece, the valve spring is falling off, the valve spring is broken or the valve rod is broken, causing the valve to fall off.
Measures: Once this happens during work, once this situation occurs, stop checking immediately, avoiding a major machinery accident, can be sent to a professional maintenance point.
4, when the speed is automatically turned off, the speed of the speed is suddenly lowered, and the exhaust pipe is seriously burned. This phenomenon is mostly strongly blocked by the engine operation. The reason is that the cooling system is lacking, the engine is overheating, causing the piston in the cylinder set. Injury, killing, burn hugging axis or gas distribution mechanism parts, etc., so that the engine is turned off.
Measures: Maintenance of the lubrication system, cooling system should be strengthened, add enough lubricants and cooling water.

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