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Diesel generator set lubrication system and cooling system introduction

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(1) Lubrication system
The function of the lubrication system is to provide adequate oil to each friction surface of the diesel engine to reduce its wear and ensure its normal operation. At the same time, there is also a role of heat dissipation, cleaning, sealing and corrosion. The lubrication system is mainly composed of an engine oil pump, an oil filter, a centrifugal filter, a variety of regulatory valves and a lubricating pipeline oil cooler.

(2) Cooling system
The main role of the cooling system is to bring the heat generated by combustion and friction due to the heat of the engrave and friction by the cooling medium.engineWork in the most reasonable temperature range. Depending on the different cooling medium, it can be divided into water-cooled and air-cooled.
Water cooled is divided into natural circulating cooling and forced circulation cooling, which can be divided into open and closed. In the open-in-in-circuit enforcement circulation cooling system, the cooling medium is directly connected to the atmosphere. In the closed-enforced circulation cooling system, the cooling medium is not directly connected to the outside atmosphere, and the cooling medium is circulated in a closed system. The pressure of the cooling system is slightly higher than atmospheric pressure, and the boiling point of the cooling medium can be higher than the Celsius 100 degrees. The advantage can improve the inlet and water temperature of the diesel engine, so that the temperature of the cooling water is small, can stabilize the temperature of the diesel engine and improve its economics, and improve the average temperature of the heat sink, thus reducing the heat dissipation area, reducing water consumption, and shortened The preheating time of the oil.
The main components of the cooling system are radiators, cooling fans, cooling water pumps, cooling strength regulators, cooling antifreeze, and the like.

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