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  • Apr
    The ninth division, a seventh recipient hospital purchases a 100kw Radaca series unit
    Recently, Jiangsu Xingguang Power Generation Equipment Co., Ltd. participated in the ninth division of the first seventh hospital fire emergency generator procurement project and became a bidding unit. At present, the equipment sales contract has been successfully signed. The power of diesel generator sets of this purchase is 100KW, and the diesel engine brand is a large, the generator brand is Jiangsu Starlight. According to the contract, the diesel generator set will complete the installation, commissioning, acceptance before February 28, 2020. The delivery location of the unit is in the ninth division and a seventh recipient hospital, the quality assurance period is one year. Jiangsu Xingguang Company guarantees the design of the diesel generator sets in accordance with national standards and qualified quality. Jiangsu Xingguang Power Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 1974 and is one of the earlier manufacturers of domestic generator sets. There is a 64 sales service department in the country, which is ready to provide design, supply, commissioning, and repair a dragon service for users. The company has been in 1982
  • Apr
    Good news: Shanxi Luqiao Group Purchasing 6 Cummins Series Diesel Generator Set
    On May 30, 2018, our company and Shanxi Luqiao Construction Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shanxi Luqiao Group) successfully signed 6 Kangming period series diesel generator sets, including 1 90kw unit, 1 250KW unit, 2 300kW units, 2 sets of 1000KW units, with a total value of more than 300 million yuan. The six diesel generators of this procurement will be used in the longstocks of high-speed mechanical and electrical engineering projects. Shanxi Road Bridge Construction Group Co., Ltd. is a state-owned independent company established by the Shanxi Provincial People's Government, with a registered capital of 7 billion yuan, total assets of 69 billion yuan, and the company residence Shanxi Province Taiyuan City. Shanxi Luqiao Group is a large number of traffic enterprise groups with all-in-laws in China. Has a national highway construction general contracting special qualification and financial leasing license issued by the Ministry of Commerce, the State Taxation Administration, and the road industry design grade A qualification, highway supervision
  • Apr
    Congratulations to our company for being identified as a "military-civilian integration demonstration enterprise"
    On June 21, 2016, the signing ceremony of the military and civilian integration demonstration enterprises was held in Nanjing. After research and verification, Jiangsu Xinglu Power Equipment Co., Ltd. was identified as "military and civilian integration demonstration enterprise ". Our company produces a variety of models and specifications of various brands of diesel generators. Welcome new and old customers to come to consult. Service Hotline: 18999222000 18609915083 13809953146 0991-3856119 0991-3814032 0991-3417210 400-0991036
  • Apr
    130 Star Small Generator Set will be sent to Guangshan Zhenhua Electric Power Engineering Co., Ltd.
    Recently, Jiangsu Xinglu Power Equipment Co., Ltd. and Guangshan County Zhenhua Electric Power Engineering Co., Ltd. has been signed by the 130 small generator sets. Our company produces sales of various specifications models, various brands of generator sets, please contact my company
  • Apr
    Congratulations on our company and Xinjiang Construction Corps Shihezi City Tianshan Aluminum Industrial Park 3600MW power supply project diesel generator unit equipment purchase and sales contract is successful!
    Warmly celebrate, our company works closely with the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Agricultural Embarcies and Tianshan Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd., reaching a consensus, letting our company's power generation is more upstairs!
  • Apr
    Our company won the 2013 Chongqing Cummins Electric Power Market Performance Award
    The starlight Cummin series diesel generator has excellent quality, low fuel consumption, low noise, large output power, and reliable performance. Its reliable stability, economical, dynamic, durability and environmental safety are popular with domestic and foreign users, and the world's three guarantees. China-US joint venture Cummins, Chongqing Cummins engine has a small size, light weight, low fuel consumption, high power, reliable work, and convenient accessories. With electronic governors, there is a protective function of too high cooling water, low oil pressure and speed alarm and automatic parking. The Star Series Cummins diesel generator set is formally authorized by Cummins, better performance in similar products, better quality, and more secure, is a recommended product of Star Kangmins diesel generator sets. Recently, the main results of the Xinjiang Kangz Mining Co., Ltd. 1000kw Cummins Diesel Generator Set
  • Apr
    Excellent quality, brand new technology, AAA level integrity service makes the starry intensive industry competition is invincible
    In terms of quality, our diesel generator unit equipment has obtained quality management system certification and international quality product standards, quality alliance enterprise certificates, etc., and has been consistently praised in the user's use, and it is notified for three consecutive oils. In terms of new product development and development, since 2008, our company established a technical research and development institution, and developed the R & D institution management system, the research and development personnel performance assessment reward system, and the scientific research management, but also fierce researchers. In 2010, it was identified as \"Taizhou Enterprise Technology Center \", 2010 introduced the \"one origami device \" of Changzhou University Mechanical Engineering, and autonomous manufacturing, application into \"generator insulation paper automatic origami \" technology. In 2011, our company signed a production and research cooperation agreement with Changzhou University, and successfully declared four practical new patents. And declared in November 2011 to become a high-tech enterprise. 2012 was rated as Jiangsu Province
  • Apr
    Jiangsu Jianda Co., Ltd. has repeatedly cooperated with our company for many times in the diesel generator set project.
    Jiangsu Jianda Construction Co., Ltd. is a state-owned controlling level general contractor, and has professional qualifications such as foreign contracting projects, foreign labor and import and export business, real estate development, decoration, installation, bridge, foundation, and greening. Main business: foreign engineering, real estate development, domestic project, mineral development, domestic and foreign trade, property management. Recently, our company provides two sets of 400kw Cummins Co., Ltd., Is configured as Cummins KTA19-G3A / Starlight TFW-400, and Jiangsu Jianda Co., Ltd. has been with our company several contracts, and the equipment specifications provided. There are 20KW diesel generators, 75KW diesel generators, 200KW diesel generator sets, 400kW diesel generator sets, some of which have been used abroad, and our company engineers Gu Hongjun follow Jiangsu Jianda company staff to install,
  • Apr
    Notice of winning the bidder of Xinjiang North Xinluqiao Group Co., Ltd.
    On April 24, 2014, our company participated in the bidding project of Xinjiang North Xinluqiao Group Co., Ltd. 200KW and 400KW Volvo Generator Group. In the end, our company has become this, with the advantages of the company in the generator set, and excellent quality service. Secondary bidder. Xinjiang Beixin Luqiao Group Co., Ltd. mainly engaged in high-level road project, bridge engineering, tunnel engineering construction, contracting overseas road projects and international bidding projects; concurrent new building materials development, production and sales; commodity, Production and sales of asphalt concrete. With the continuous growth of China's economy, North New Road Bridge is facing greater development opportunities. In the new economic era, Beixin Shuqiao will seize a good time to build a new round of national infrastructure construction projects, continuously improve the quality of construction projects, and actively expand new investment projects, realize market diversification layout, to strive market integrity, casting boutique The actual action of the project is strong
  • Apr
    Hami Bologue Mining Co., Ltd. is closely working with our company on 1200GF diesel generator sets.
    Hami Bolun Mining Co., Ltd. purchased 1200GF diesel generator sets from our company, and the configuration of the generator set was Cummins KTA50-GS8 / Inge EG500-1200G / 10500. The oil, transportation, railway and geological units of Cummins diesel generator set in the territory. , Mines, business hotels, banks, government departments and industries have won a good reputation, and have achieved sufficient performance, please consult Gu Xiaobing 18999222000, 13809953146, 18609915083
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