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Digitz diesel generator set


Digitz seriesGenerator set(Deutz Series)

Starlight / Dotz series generator set engine is introduced German KHD technology joint venture production, water-cooled, cold, gas engine, excellent performance, small size, light weight, small noise, strong applicability, especially suitable for high temperature, cold, Drought water shortage area.

Digitz diesel generator setadvantage

Compact product structure, reasonable design, reliable performance, long work life, use economy. In the product structure, there are 3 large products platforms of C, E, D, and 300 species of power coverage 24GF-500GF, various variations and adaptive products, which can be different from medium-heavy trucks, light cars, passenger cars, engineering machinery, etc. The demand sector provides power products with high technology content and strong professionalism. The product has intuitive return function, which can be well adapted to the plateau, high altitude.
Star Series DowsgeneratorThe group is officially authorized by Detz, the performance is excellent in character, good quality, service guarantee, is a resignation of the Star Lane Iz Diesel Generator Group.

Doulitz diesel generator / generator set after-sales service:

1. Our company has established the after-sales service center in Urumqi, Korle, Kashgar, Yili, Hama, and Aksu, and is equipped with enough spare parts. After receiving the user's service information, it will feed back information within 2 hours. The city has arrived at the scene within 6 hours, and the maintenance plan is proposed within 1 hour, and the reboot is guaranteed within 2 hours. 150 km outside 24 hours arrived.

2. In the warranty period, the user is guided by the product to be maintained and maintained every year, and 15 days before the end of the warranty period, specialists will conduct maintenance and maintenance of users.

3. Users are damaged by people in the process of use, and our company provides technical services, actively help repairs.

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