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Cummins diesel generator set


Starlight Cummin SeriesDiesel generator sets

It is the use of China-US joint venture BNK series engines as engines, and its reliable performance, and low use costs have always won the trust of engineering, industrial and mining companies. Cummins founded in 1919, headquartered in Columbus, Indiana, with more than 680 distributors in 137 countries and regions around the world, more than 500 service outlets all over the world, and Cummins have invested in Chongqing Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. and Dongfeng Cummins in China. Engine Co., Ltd. and other manufacturing enterprises, with Cummins' quality standards, through the service network all over Cummins and Cummins, providing users with fast service guarantee.


First, Cummins diesel generator /Generator setOverview

1.Generator setDesign, production and test meet GB / T2820-97 national standards.
2. Equipped with Cummins engine, advanced technology, reliable performance, long working life.
3.generatorWhen the exciting system enables the unit when loading with any instant, the frequency fluctuation quickly recovers.
4. Generator low-cost design makes small waveforms under nonlinear loads, and has good starting motor capabilities.
5. Cummins provide quality assurance to the full range of products.
6. Cummins build a professional service network, providing customers with a 24-hour after-sales service and parts supply.

Second, the advantages of Cummins diesel generator / generator set

Excellent quality, low fuel consumption, low noise, large output power, reliable performance. Its reliable stability, economical, dynamic, durability and environmental safety are popular with domestic and foreign users, and three packs. Sino-US joint ventureDongfeng CumminsChongqing CumminsThe engine has a small size, light weight, low fuel consumption, high power, reliable work, and convenient accessories and maintenance. With electronic governors, there is a protective function of too high cooling water, low oil pressure and speed alarm and automatic parking.
Star seriesCummins diesel generator setIt is recommended for the performance of Cummins, which is excellent in performance, good quality, service guaranteed in similar products. It is a standard product of Starlight Cummin diesel generator set.

Cummins generator /Generator setAfter-sales service:

1. Our company has established the after-sales service center in Urumqi, Korle, Kashgar, Yili, Hama, and Aksu, and is equipped with enough spare parts. After receiving the user's service information, it will feed back information within 2 hours. The city has arrived at the scene within 6 hours, and the maintenance plan is proposed within 1 hour, and the reboot is guaranteed within 2 hours. 150 km outside 24 hours arrived.

2. In the warranty period, the user is guided by the product to be maintained and maintained every year, and 15 days before the end of the warranty period, specialists will conduct maintenance and maintenance of users.

3. Users are damaged by people in the process of use, and our company provides technical services, actively help repairs.

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