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Yili Hydropower Project

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Water conservancy and hydropower engineering cultivates the knowledge of survey, planning, design, construction, scientific research and management of water conservancy and hydropower projects, can work in planning, design, construction, scientific research and management, etc. in water conservancy, hydropower and other departments. The basic theoretical theory and basic knowledge of math, mechanics and building structures such as water conservancy and hydropower engineering is mainly learned, so that students can get the necessary engineering design methods, construction management methods and basic training of scientific research methods. Basic Ability in Survey, Planning, Design, Construction, Scientific Research and Management of Water Resources Hydropower Engineering.

Our company sells generator groups to the Hydropower project project in Yili area: Xinjiang Yili Taxi Hydropower Station 150KW Kang 6CTA8.3-G2 / Branch (mobile)
Ili Hydropower Center 150 Kang 6CTA8.3-G2 / Branch (Automation), Ili Yama 8.3-G2 / Star (Trailer), 250KW Kang 1NTA855-G1A / Star, Xinjiang Yili River Basin Development and Construction Administration 50KW Kang 4BTA3.9-G2 / Star (Trailer) Details Consult Gu Xiaobing 18999222000, 13809953146, 19609915083, Power Generator Technology Service Hotline: 0991-3856119, 0991-3817210, 0991-3817210, 0991-3814032, 400-0991036

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