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Yemen: Low-end generator and regulator and other products sell well

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Yemen has never been able to implement normal power supply, after several years ago, the President Saleh of Saleh, Yemen's electricity supply is more stretched. Due to the use of electricity, residents who have suffered the darkness have to save money to save money.generator
However, Yemen people's purchasing power is limited, so cheap low-end generators are popular, but low-end generators are often poor quality, and they are easily caused by casualties. It will also burn bad electrical appliances. In addition to generators, uninterruptible power supply batteries, these uncommon devices have become a necessity in Yemen.
Hugo Network learned from the\"Yemen Times\" report that Yemen's electricity supply is insufficient, and residents who are often powered off, and residents with better economic conditions usually buy generators. However, the quality of generators on Yemen market is uneven, and the price difference is also very large. After experiencing a series of tragers caused by generators, Yemen people gradually realize that some generators are cheap, but will make people pay more cost. Majid is an engineer that often installs a variety of equipment and machines including generators. He believes that many customers have been attracted by low price, but they don't know that such generators often have problems, so they do not calculate subsequent repair and maintenance costs. Consumers must consider that low-cost generators are unable to control current as high-end generators, so there may be potential risks of burning electrical appliances, so that the cost payable is greater.
Majid said: \"Many customers come to me to repair the low-cost generator, but I refuse to repair, because the maintenance costs are almost one-third of the total generator, this is not cost-effective.\" Cheap generator can not continue Used more than 5 hours, and the quality of the generator can continue to use 10 hours without any problems. \"
In Yemen Market, power capacity on generator labels often mislead consumers. In the case where the generator is limited, some consumers use multiple electrical appliances, and there are many electrical appliances.
Yemen Capital Sana's resident Vail spent 24000YR (currency: Yemen Rial) bought a generator, but he did not dare to use it for four months, because this generator has damaged multiple electrical appliances. It is high for maintenance costs. He said, now it is more inclined to point candle lighting.

Grocery retailers Salabi said: \"There are two major bad things in us, one is a frequent power-off, and the other is a poor generator. In the case of electricity, it can run business normally, so I don't Don't buy a generator, something like milk, cheese must be refrigerated to keep it. Once a power off makes me lose 200,000 rial. In general, I don't buy a generator is not you choose. Because the generator is a necessity. \"
SarabygeneratorIt took about 26,000 rial, but this generator burned his refrigerator, he had to spend 120,000 rial (contract 560) bought a better. TAHA Al-AMRI, the head of the Standards and Metrology Administration, Yemen has no imported generators, causing a fertile soil that is flooding in low-end generators. In addition, Yemen people have not mastered the scientific use of generators, such as some people placed generators in the balcony or even in the house, and there is no sense of harm that may cause. The generator will not only cause noise, but the neighbors may have insomnia, and the smoke that the generator will also happen to the human body.
Brigadier Abdulkareem Mayad, the head of the Civil Defense Bureau, said that deaths caused by improper operation of generators, the death of death. He urged residents to put the generators in the house or in a closed space, but should be placed in an open place, such as roof or yard. The Ministry of the Interior said that about 60 people died in 2012 were related to generators. About 74 people died in the same accident in 2013.
Sharabi is a boss in sales generator store. He said that the demand for low-cost generators grows. However, more than half of Yemen residents live in a level below two dollars per day, even if many low-cost generators can't afford it.
Mohammed Jubran, a professor of Economics of Sana, said that since 2010, Yemen people have spent $ 500 million for purchase of various types of generators. Insufficient electricity is the main reason for the thermal generator.
Hugo net learned that on the streets of Yemen capital Sana, the harsh generator motor sounded in the ear, and almost every store entrance has a small manifold for pungent. When the generator fails, it has a strong black smoke, but local residents also become common.
There is no sufficient power supply until you have erupted the conflict in Yemen, and the short-on-shift time is three or four hours a day, which is 7 or eight hours. After a year of turmoil, now the capital, Sana is almost all-day, and there are more than 20 hours of electricity from many provinces in the south.
Generators unstable voltage and frequent power off make electrical life, computer, TV, refrigerator, washing machine and other household appliances are often burnt because of instantaneous power failure, the energy-saving lamp in the house is bad in almost two days, no Direct power batteries, these uncommon devices have become a necessity in Yemen live.

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