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Xinjiang starlight pays attention: North Korea's big development wind energy is committed to the backward area

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My star has recently learned that according to the 12th report, Li Mingxian, director of the Natural Energy Research Institute of the National Academy of Sciences, said that North Korea has been working on research and exploration more energy resources across North Korea. The focus of development will be based on hydraulic resources, and is also committed to natural energy such as wind energy, geothermal, solar energy.

According to reports, effective development and utilization of hydraulic resource work is carried out in North Korea. The Qingchuan Jianglian Power Station Project is a key point. Ci Jiang Road and Jianghairo have continued to build a small and medium-sized power plant in all places with water sources, and research in the construction of tidal power stations in the west coastal area in the tidal difference is also advanced.

It is reported that North Korea is still producing various wind turbines in different powers to help rural and mountains solve the problem of household electricity. At present, 300 watts of wind turbines in the operating wind turbines accounted for 28.6% of its above, and most of them are produced in China.

In addition, all parts of the country, enterprises and rural areas are also building solar greenhouses. Only one year in 2013, the new greenhouse in North Korea reached 7,000.

The report also said that the country has also achieved results in the development and use of land source hot water. In recent years, Longcheng Machinery Joint Enterprises have produced large-capacity geothermal equipment, which opened the prospects for the establishment of residential buildings, greenhouses and even large-scale public buildings.

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