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Xinjiang starlight electric machine to do a good job in the summer, summer, summer \"electricity is full\"

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With the arrival of the summer, some areas have begun to take a power-saving policy to cope with the peak of this year's summer, many places to take the measures of\"there is a limited \" Electric. Therefore, many SMEs have to buy diesel generator sets, leading to the scene of\"one machine hardship \" in some parts of the diesel generator set. JiangsuStar light generatorGroup Equipment Co., Ltd., a brand production of 30 years of qualifications, has been equipped with a sufficient amount in the first half of the year, in order to meet the market demand in the summer, to ensure that the equipment of our users can go to the device on time.

The picture below shows the 150-800kW size of the Nanning Branch.Diesel generatorsThe group has been organized, sent to Nanning users, for users to put supply power


The name and configuration of 7 devices are as follows:

specificationQuantityEngine brandengine modelGenerator model
700kW1Antentable engineWD327TAD78England generator
200kw2Shangchai engineSC9D310D2Star light generator
360kw1Chongqing Cummins engineNTA855-G7AMarathon generator
800KW1Antentable engineWD327TAD82Stanfu generator
250KW1Chongqing Cummins engineNTA855-G1AStar light generator
150kw1ShangchaiSC7H230D2Star light generator

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