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Xinjiang Starlight teaches you how to extend the life of diesel turbocharger

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moderndiesel engineMore and more use of increasing pressure techniques, making the intensive power power, and the layout is more reasonable if the volume is constant, and the energy is greatly saved. However, in actual work, many drivers are not much damaged by the performance, structure, the principle of the turbocharger, and the phenomena of damage in the short-term time is not uncommon, which causes a large economic loss, and also affects the diesel engine. Normal use. So how do you use maintenance to extend the life of the turbocharger?
1. Ensure that the reliable lubrication of the turbocharger is specified in the supercharger instruction manual (generally to use CD-level lubricant oil), and check the number, quality of the oil regularly, and change the deterioration in time. Dirty oil, cleaning or replacement of oil filter, ensuring the height of the oil.
2, to ensure that the high cleaning of diesel air intake must maintain the supercharged diesel engine, the sealing of the exhaust line, regularly clean the air filter, check whether the nut or bolt is loose, the hose clamp is clamped, check Whether there is a leakage phenomenon in the gas system, it is necessary to replace the sealed gasket, so that dust and sediment are severed. Otherwise, dirty pollution causes air filter wall stresses, compressor channels, and supercharger blades, resulting in a decrease in superchargement, and even early wear of blade and diesel member.
3, new diesel engines or new changing booster must be added to \"引油 \" before starting, after the new diesel engine or exchange the supercharger, before starting, the oil supply pipe joint on the supercharger must be removed. Note 50-60ml of oil, prevent the initiated moment due to lack of oil and burn the supercharger bearing.
4, the diesel engine should first turn the number of crankshafts before starting to ensure that the oil is allowed to be filled with oil filter and the entire lubrication system, and the oil pressure is stable and then start. Otherwise, the turbocharger bearing may be damaged due to lack of lubrication during startup, because the turbocharger speed is high when the diesel transducer is high, even if the shortger a few seconds to the turbocharger bearing oil supply is not enough. Bearing is damaged.
5, after the launch of the Jui machine, the high-speed running diesel engine is started immediately, and it should be operated for a few minutes, and then accelerate the operation, otherwise it is easy to cause the supercharger bearing burning, especially when the diesel engine is changed, and the supercharger is cleaned. The filter element element and the parking one week, after the start is started, loose the oil supply joint on the supercharger after starting, and then tighten it after the lubricant overflows, then again, speed running 3- After 5 min, the load can be loaded.
6, the diesel engine can not run out for a long time, if it is easy to cause the supercharger oil to leak into the compressor, increase the oil consumption, increase the oil consumption, while idling, the oil pressure is insufficient, and it is also easy to cause the supercharger lubrication. Burnt bearings.
7.diesel engineAfter the high-speed load is running, there should be no immediate parking. The stop is turned around 5 min, so that each unit is gradually cooled to prevent supercharger bearings from deficiency, oil overheating, supercharger bearings and turbine impellers bite, oil seal Failure. At the same time, it is important to pay attention to whether the transformer impeller and the housing after the shutoff machine are risculated, if there is a roll, it should be opened immediately, check whether the bearing gap is normal.
8. Regularly decode, cleaning and adjusting the supercharger, according to the instruction manual, the supercharger should be cleaned once every 1000 hours, and should be cleaned once the carrier impeller (pay attention to the cleaning liquid for aluminum corrosion) and use when cleaning. Wire brush). Check the circumference of the impeller and fine cracks, the axial intensity of the gap between the rotor shaft and the floating bearings, the rotor static balance and dynamic balance, etc., such as non-compliant or damage, should be adjusted, repaired or replaced. Technical support hotline: 0991-3856119, 0991-3817210, 0991-3814032, 40-0991036

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