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Xinjiang Starlight reminds: to buy genuine power generation units to buy authentic \"Weichai \"

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Weichai generator group is relatively large, of which Weichai mainly targets small power units: 25kW-130KW, due to its low price, a large amount in the market. But many consumers ignore a very important part of Weichai is a total factory and division, and I want to explain it to you. The so-called Weifang, the diesel engine produced in Weifang, Shandong is called Weizhou, and Weifang students Factory diesel engine manufacturers count (branch), and truly quality Weichai factories (called Weicai Huafeng), other Weifang diesel engines are collectively referred to as branch. The diesel engine maintenance rate of the branch is high, so it takes a lower price in a lower price. If the unit is often anchored during use, it will affect its own progress. Therefore, it is recommended to buy Weichai users, don't be the most low price, it is best to choose Weichai General Factory. It is recommended that customers buy Weichai total factory series generator sets, don't be greedy, if you need to consult or order, please call 18999222000, 13809953146, 18609915083, Gu Mans

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