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Xinjiang Starlight Today, Today: Water Supply Company Fire Caused Generator Fault Maldives Ma Datun \"Water Short\"

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Xinjiang Starlights pay attention to Xinhua Net Mallen, December 6th, young Male residents, Hamid, relying on the wall of a school, and look at the end of the long dragon. Just a minute ago, because the stock bottle was released, the school gate of 10 free water distribution points was closed again. Hamid did not receive the quota belonging to him: 2 bottles of 1.5 liter bottled pure water .

This is the scenario that Xinhua News Agency I saw in Maldives Male Street in Maldives.

Due to the four-sided sea and the sandstone soil, freshwater has always been the scarce resources of the Maldives, rain collection and seawater dilution become the source of its main life. On the afternoon of the 4th, the Maldives Water Supply Company was fired due to the loading of the cable and distribution plates and caused the generator to fail, and then the mum was caught in the city. To solve the residents, the Ma Zheng government has 10 free distribution points in schools and stadiums.

The Maldives Media believes that this is a test experience that Malu water since 10 years ago.

The reporter saw that the military, police and the rescue volunteers of the military, the police and the red vest were maintained at the site. \"As of now, more than 4,000 bottles of drinking water have been issued to the people,\" \"in a school distribution point, the commander Rushan said.

At 5:30 in the afternoon, after a long time, I sent some national stadiums suddenly a noisy. A truck carrying 200 barrels of 5 liters of bottled water into the stadium, but these water appeared too little compared to the number of people queued.

In addition to setting bottled water distribution points in the whole city, the Maldives government is concentrating from neighboring islands.

As a country with tourism as a pillar industry, whether the water will affect tourists to travel to the horse, and become a focus of concern. The reporter found in a random interview that due to the domestic storage equipment, the massive stop water in the happened, most tourists did not know. But the current stop water has caused some restaurants to shut goals.

\"I heard that Singapore's technician has come to Male, the new generator has also been shipped, I believe that the water will be restored in the next two or three days.\" The staff of the local hotel told reporters that they completely confident that they did not disturb guests. In the case of peace of life.

Maldives National Defense Minister Muhammad Nazim 6th, said 60% of the current generator has been excluded, but due to serious damage, it is expected to completely solve problems take a week.

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