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Xinjiang Star Light after-sales Tip: Emptive Operating Instructions for Generator Sets

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A, preparation before starting
1. Check whether the liquid level is normal.
2, check if the oil is in the quiet line.
3. Check if the battery is electrically sufficient.
4. Does it have an foreign matter that affects startup around the generator set.
5. Except for the operator of the generator set, other people should stay away from the generator set to prevent accidents.
B, start the generator set
1. Loosen the hand pressing pump backward direction, manually pump oil, and open the oil pump to vent the screw, exhaust the air.
2, adjust the throttle switch to the middle position.
3, will start the switch open to the ON position, the engine starts.
4, gradually refueling the door, observe the HZ table to 50-51 position, V Table to 380-400.
5. Push the main switch to the ON position.
C, precautions
1. The main air switch to the OFF position should be cut when downtown.
2, gradually reduce the throttle to minimize, easy to stop the parking switch, and the generator set is turned off.
D, other maintenance, please refer to the random data.

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