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Xinjiang Qi Taiwan Farm Longyuan Steel Structure Co., Ltd. 100KW automated diesel generator set

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Qi Tai County Farm Longyuan Steel Structure Co., Ltd. Orders an automated Chinese and British joint venture card from our companyDiesel generatorsGroup, for the spare power of the farm, the configuration of the generator set is Ricardo R6105AZLD / Starlight TFW-100, configure self-launch dual power switch, automated control cabinet (630A, control cabinet with 4 225A vacation), battery, Battery line, silencer, toolbox, full set of technical information.


Our company has sold multiple diesel generators in Qi Taixing County, Xinjiang, including 2 400kW and Lian KangmingDiesel generatorsGroup (still not delivered); Xinjiang Jin Zhengyuan Co., Ltd. two 500kW Parkins diesel generator sets, now the diesel generator sets are running normal; the five diesel generators of Qi Tao Longteng Industrial Co., Ltd. (100KW Cummins diesel generator set, respectively, 150KW Cummins diesel generator set, 250KW Cummins diesel generator set, 300kw Cummins diesel generator set) More related performances in Qi Tei area Contact Gu Xiaobing 18999222000, 400-0991036

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