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Xinjiang News Ruijin Export Trade Co., Ltd. cooperates with our company

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Xinjiang Xunrui Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd. Order 100KW Low Noise Automation from our companyDiesel generatorsFor foreign projects, the equipment is equipped with low noise boxes and ATS automation switching cabinets, and provides English or Russian instructions and operating manuals.


Our company low noiseDiesel generatorsGroup introduced new series products developed by Advanced Technology of Foreign Low Noise Diesel Generator Unit, Products Compliance with GB / T2820-1997 or GB12786-91 National Standard, Soundcade House Gate and Double Organic Glass Sounds Window, Advanced sealing methods make noise unable to leak from doors and windows. 8) Extremely quickly open the cover and maintains maintenance. 9) Noise (1m from the unit); ≤ 80dB or 75dB (sound pressure level).

Automated diesel generator sets have automatic input and automatic exit function,

1, automatic start and input function
When the main network stops the power supply or the market voltage below 80%, the timing set will be automatically started, after the start is successful, the load is powered, the entire process of successful start-up success is controlled within 15 seconds, with a remote interface, setup Start the delay, implement the generator set automatic start and stop.
2, automatic exit function
During the automatic state of the automatic state, the generator sets, if the mainstream recovery and 30 seconds confirmation, the unit starts performing an automatic exit program, the unit will first turn off the load, restore the main power supply, and then automatically stop after 2 minutes. If the cooler is running, the mainstream stops power supply, and the unit automatically adjusts high speed and restores the power supply.

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