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Xinjiang Jiahong Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. once again cooperated with our company for diesel generator sets

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In the park's 2099c area, the park, the park 2099C area, organized by Xinjiang, China, bidding, our company won the bid, the winning bidder is 800KW Ricardo TAD-800 / Star TFW-800, equipmentgeneratorGroup, ATS automation control cabinet, fuel tank, installation commissioning fee, other fees (freight), battery, battery line, tool box, muffler, debugging oil, commissioning antifreeze, cable, spare parts, water heater and other spare parts.


Xinjiang Jiahong Real Estate was established in 2005 and has a registered capital of 20 million yuan. In the past six years, the company has made full use of talent advantages, introducing the mainland's advanced marketing model and business philosophy to Xinjiang, forming a pattern in the previous R & D, planning and post-sales and property management matching, in the upper level of government, departments The company has been developing with great development. It has achieved breakthroughs in the development scale, economic benefits and economic strength, in the Xinjiang area, has been investing in the Xinjiang area,\"New Home Times \", \"Champagne International Apartment\", \"Kirin County \" , \"Lan Mountain International \", \"Jiahong Yuxi \",\"Central Mansion \", \"AD 2099 \" residential community, total construction area is nearly 1 million square meters, with pragmatic management management methods and reliable The quality of the project has been widely recognized. The market competitiveness has also been greatly improved, opened up a real estate market mainly-based real estate market, and has made a good foundation for enterprise development ....

Our company has repeatedly cooperated with Jiahong Real Estate, and the equipment provided has 300kW of Shangchai.generatorGroup, 400kW of the upper firewater generator set, 450KW Qichai diesel generator set, 800KW Ricardo diesel generator set, the extensive equipment is operating normally. Details consult Gu Xiaobing 1899222000, 400-0991036

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