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Xinjiang Ashler Copper Co., Ltd. 2 1000KW British import Cummins engine / Liuzhou Jiali high-pressure generator has been shipped

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Xinjiang Ashler Copper Co., Ltd. organized by Xinjiang Jinmai International Logistics Co., Ltd.Diesel generatorsIn the bidding project, our company won the bid, two British imported Cummins QSK38-G5 engine with Liuzhou Jiali JFG5003-4 / 6300V high-pressure generator, the engine section provides reliable power, ultra-low emission and outstanding load response characteristic. It has superior anti-aggressive capacity, and the anti-aging capacity cannot be less than 70% of total power. Generators have extraordinary motor start performance and short-circuit fault capability. The 2/3 pitch low-resistance winding group and the F-level insulation have the advantages of small voltage waveform distortion under nonlinear load, and short-circuit faults.

my companyDiesel generatorsThe group equipment has been produced, installed, and the test should be completed. At the request of the customer, our company is now sending equipment woven vehicles to the user's use place (Haba, Haba County, Altai), is expected to arrive at the user's designated location.



Our company is independently acting as a high JI engineer of large projects to train the members of the bidders of this project. And the delegation has more than ten years of debugging experience, technical personnel, to conduct debugging and training of equipment for engineers on site and users, the principle, structure, and use of the diesel engine, generator control section and distribution screen of the generator set explain. Explain some common faults, fault analysis, processing methods, and handle some faults, and the power generation unit is installed, and the acceptance is qualified. The technical staff of our company left the user after the basic training of the scene. Our company 24-hour technical support hotline: 400-0991036, 0991-3856119

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