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Why is the power generation opportunity to appear \"Burn Burn \"?

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whygeneratorWhat will\"burning bad \"? Below our company's technical department to answer! You can also call: 0991-3856119, 0991-3817210, 0991-3814032

In the operation of the generator set, when the resistance is constant, the high and low of the generated heat is mainly to see the size of the current of the motor. So, so we can know that if the load current is large, the more heat is more, after the heat, the temperature of the motor will naturally rise. Rising Temperature We can take some simple ways to solve, such as winding cooling or otherwise cooling, etc. However, pay attention, as the motor temperature increases, the life of the motor will be greatly reduced, even if the heat dissipation is good, the internal heat is very large. When the temperature rises to a certain degree, the motor will naturally stop running because of the heat of the heat, this is the so-called \"burning \".
It can be seen that the generator power value is determined by the size of the current, and the increase in temperature is determined, but the most is the temperature. The principle of internal heat dissipation can solve this problem very well, which requires constant exploration and research, and our company is constantly working hard ...

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