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Why is the engine cold to start normally, but after running for a period of temperature, it is extinguished?

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engineIt is good to start cold, but after a period of temperature is raised, it is difficult to start. What is the reason, how to solve it?

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It is mainly due to the injection pump plunger deputy and injector needle valve. When the hot train starts, due to the high temperature of the fuel injection pump and the fuel filter, the fuel viscosity is lowered, and the starting speed is low, most diesel leaks from the wear slit, causing insufficient starting oil and cannot be started.

So how to solve this situation?

The emergency exclusion method is to hang the car and start from other car drag. With the speed of the engine to rotate at high speed, the diesel is not allowed to leak to ensure the start of the oil supply (this method does not advocate, because the Cummins boost engine is relatively large, the injection of the connectors is large, affecting the vehicle Use life).

When the plug or needle valve is heavy, the new product should be replaced after the injection pump test bench is inspected.

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