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Why is the diesel generator group easy to have a high temperature?

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There are often customers call inquiry. After a while, the diesel generator sets will easily produce water high temperature alarms, and what is this?
Through our many practice prove, this is due toGenerator setThe water tank produces dim sum, blocking its circulation system, so that the water tank of the generator set is not smooth, and will generate water high temperatures, then why is it to block the water tank of the generator set?
General customers do not pay attention to the instructions of our company's use, especially for generator set water tanks. The generator's water tank must not join ordinary tap water or deep well water, because the mineral content in these water is relatively high, as long as the generator sets use a period of time, it is easy to produce scale, the more water produced by the minerals. Large, easier to block the water tank.
So, be sure to add soft water in the water tank, it is the pure water we say. In fact, the best addition of materials should be antifreeze, so that no matter how long it is used in the diesel generator set, it will not produce water high temperature, of course, because the diesel generator has a certain loss of antifreeze, so The antifreeze is regularly supplemented, and the water tank is not allowed to operate at a high temperature. In addition, if used in northern regionsDiesel generator setsBe sure to add antifreeze. Water tanks in the generator set should be cleaned regularly regardless of the water or antifreeze, so as not to have debris in the water tank, which is easily caused by high temperature of the generator set. More related information to see the official website of Starlight Generator:Www.xjxgdl.comTechnology Contact: 0991-3856119, 0991-3817210, 0991-3814032

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