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Why is the diesel engine unstable?

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According to our companyDiesel generator setsThe experience summary of maintenance personnel in long-term maintenance work, the diesel operating frequency is unstable, and there may be the following situation:

1. There is air or water solution in fuel: exhaust the fuel system
2. Nozzle assembly Failure Solution: Replace the nozzle assembly
3. Improper oil adjustment or oil rolling solution: Adjust the throttle or cleaning oil
4. Rate Converter or Rate Meter Failure Solution: Replacement Rate Converter or Rate Table
5. Electronic governor fault solution: Check the electronic governor and speed perception
6. Diesel generator sets Operation too large solution: Check unit shock absorber equipment
7. Diesel generator set load too large solution: remove partial load
8. Fuel filter failure solution: Check fuel filter
9. Fuel pump fault solution: Check the fuel pump

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