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Why do you have to have a diesel generator group?

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Water is the source of life, whether it is people or any other animal, there is no way to survive in water. With the acceleration of urbanization construction, as well as the increasingly serious water pollution, many local river water and shallow source water have not been able to drink, so people 's live water is basically dependent on tap water. However, the tap water should be sent to thousands of households, and it is essential to have a power supply. Therefore, the diesel generator set has become an indispensive spare power supply for each Shui Water Plant.
So, what is the characteristics of the diesel generator group used by the water plant?
First, it should be based on the size of the water plant, determine the size of the power generator set, the power of the diesel generator set used in the general small township water plant is not very large, between 30kW-100kW, but the brand of the generator set It is better, like the Cummins diesel generator set. Some in order to save costs, you can use a diesel generator set in several small water plants. For convenient transportation, plus mobile trailers, where to use it where you need to use it.
Second, diesel generator sets must have automatic protection, so as not to cause damage to the generator sets because of water high temperature, low hydraulic pressure, overload overcurrent.
In addition, the general large-scale water plant is used in the diesel generator sets of 300kW, and the least is two generators, one main purpose, one standby. After the problem of preventing a diesel generator group, the other can be put into operation immediately, so as not to affect the tap water supply in the area because of the breakfast, ensuring that the whole year is not stopped.

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