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Why can the regulator adjust the voltage of the generator?

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The voltage of the DC generator is proportional to its magnetic field strength and speed. The speed of the generator rotor is constantly changing with the speed of the engine, and it is difficult to control the speed change of the engine, and by controlling the size of the exciting current to change the voltage of the generator, it is easier to implement. A simple voltage regulator, its iron core coil is parallel with the generator, and the size of the coil suction is determined by the high low of the generator voltage. When the generator voltage is lower than the specified value, the tension of the iron core coil suction is a tension of the spring, and the exciting current is not flowed back to the negative electrode of the generator through the contact, and the larger excitation current makes the generator boost. When the voltage of the generator reaches the specified value, the suction of the core coil exceeds the spring tension, sucks the moving contact arm, disconnects the contact, and the monomagnetic current must pass the resistance, since a resistance in the exciting circuit, therefore Attenuated the strength of the magnetic field, the voltage of the generator is thus lowered. The voltage reduction is reduced, and the suction of the iron core coil is reduced to restore the contacts again. This reciprocates are constantly moving to stabilize the generator voltage in the specified value.

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