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What is the working condition of generator spark plug? Some technical requirements

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1. It is required to have a high pressure (60-70 kg / square centimeter) on the shock of the spark plug, so that the spark plug should have sufficient mechanical strength.

2, spark plugs should have a high pressure of 20,000 volts or more.

3 The lower part of the spark plug is subject to 1500 ~ 2000 degree of gas heating. The colleague is subject to 50 ~ 60 degrees Celsius, so the lower part of the spark plug must not be bursted due to local overheating, and it is not caused by the low flow of the spark plug. .

4, spark plug should be resistant to fuel, lubricant, and corrosion caused by fuel products of the additive.

5, spark plug should have an appropriate mounting position and electrode gap, and the sealing should be good.

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