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What is the reason why DC generators is small or unforgettable?

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The substantially reason why DC generators is small or non-power generation is:

1. The drive belt is overwear, there is oil, adjusted too loose slip or the direction of operation.

2, the surface of the rectifier has oil dresses, ablation, or insulating mica.

3, the brush wear is over, or can't get in touch with the rectifier in the brush holder.

4, the connection wire between the DC generator, the regulator and the battery is poor, and the discharge or linker is loose.

5, the brush spring elasticity is weakened, spring deformation, brush flex

6, the magnetic field coil is due to the moisture, causing the iron or turns to short circuit

7, magnetic field coil is damaged by mechanical damage, making coil circuit

8, insulated electric copper rack hit iron

9, the armature winding is tidy, causing the insulation to damage the turns, or causes the rectifier wire to weld due to temperature rise.

10, electrical or campus insulation terminal insulation damage caused by magnet

11. After the repair is wrong, if the armature junction column is not connected to the insulation brush, it is connected to the iron brush.

12, the front and rear end of the DC generator is over-reducing the bearing wear caused by the armature

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