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What is the reason for the specific weight of the battery electrolyte? How to deal with?

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What is the reason for the specific weight of the battery electrolyte? How to deal with?

The phenomenon of abnormality is:

1. The time of charging is relatively long, but the proportion increases very little or constant.

2, the specific weight drop in the floating charge

3, after the feet, the specific weight reduction in three hours is very large.

4, the discharge current is normal, but the specific gravity of the electrolyte fell quickly

5, long floating charge, the proportion of the upper and lower layers of the electrolyte is inconsistent

The main causes and exclusion methods of electrolyte proportional abnormalities are:

1. There may be a magazine outline turbid in the electrolyte, and should be treated according to the situation, and the electrolyte is replaced if necessary.

2, the floating charge is small, should increase the floating current, further observation

3, the self-discharge is serious or leakage, should be clear, replace the separator, and strengthen the insulation

4, polar vulcanization is serious. Relevant methods should be used

5, long-term charging, thereby causing abnormalities, after balanced, improve its operation,

6, the moisture is too much or the mixture is not mixed after the addition of sulfuric acid, which should generally be adjusted for two hours before the end of charging.

7. When the electrolyte last ah, when the weight is inconsistent, the use of larger current is charged.

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