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What is the reason for the sound of an abnormal starter after starting the engine?

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After the starting gear is separated from the tooth ring, the starting switch is adhered to the copper disk and the contact between the starting switch, which will cause the starter rotation to rotate at a high speed, and a snoring sound. In this case, it will be turned off, and quickly remove the battery's leg wire or connect the fire line, otherwise it will burngenerator

2. After starting the engine, the starter gear cannot be disengaged from the flywheel tooth ring, and the flywheel is turned from a high speed to the motive, and the sound of continuous: \"\" sound. In this case, it should be turned off immediately. Remove the starter to check: (1) Cooled sessions are installed or dropped outside the moving sleeve, resulting in gears often mesh; (2) electromagnetic switch core connection screws are too much, The iron core is too large, and the two teeth cannot be separated.

3, after starting the engine, not only the sound of \"咔 \", sometimes the current table indicates zero or indication discharge, which is mostly caused by the following reasons: (1) Starting the switch inside the copper disk and contact bonding . (2) The rotator shaft is bent during the startup process, and the spline can not be returned to the original place. (3) A shaft steel sleeve off, gear and tooth ring. (4) The preheating start switch knob cannot be automatically returned to the zero, causing the current table indicating discharge, at which point the knob will immediately pull back the zero. Cut off the boot circuit to avoid burning the starter.

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