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What is the principle of an automatic air switch?

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What is the principle of an automatic air switch? There are many types of automatic air switches, the structure is more complicated, but the working principle is basically the same, and his configuration is a contact system, an arc system, protective device and transmission mechanism, and the like, and the contact system has transmission mechanism. To purchase closed, turn on the power supply and load, so that the electrical equipment is operating normally, the overflow coil and the load electric furnace are connected in series, the undervoltage coil and the load electric furnace are in parallel, and the magnetic force of the overflow coil is insufficient to make iron cores, undervoltage The magnetic force of the coil is adveted by the core. When the current increases to a certain value due to a fault exceeding the rated load or short circuit, the overflow coil is immediately absorbed with the core, the iron core drives the lever to open the tower, so that the contact opens the electric furnace segment, such as hesitating The reason is lowered, the undervoltage coil is reduced, the armature is opened, and the lever is slightly opened, and the circuit segment is separated, and there is a heat relay as overload protection, when the load is overloaded The metal sheet is bent, and the hook will be taken open, so that the contact segment is overloaded. More related questions, please consult our companyDiesel generator setsTechnology: 0991-3856119,0991-3817210,0991-3814032,400-0991036.

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