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What is the advantage of other brand generator groups, what is the advantage of Cummins generator group?

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Cummins is a company designed, produced and sells diesel engines and compressed natural gas engines. Cummins invest more than 10 million US dollars in China, as foreign investors in the Chinese engine industry, and Cummins has eight joint ventures and sole proprietorship manufacturing companies in China.

Cummins generator group advantage 1: After several Cummins generator sets, a considerable power generator set is powered to the load, and the number of machines can be determined according to the size of the load (the generator set is under the operating capacity of 75%. The fuel is low), thereby saving diesel, reducing the purpose of the cost of generator sets. In particular, the current diesel is more tight and the speed of oil is rapid, and the diesel has become quite important.

Essence of Cummins Power Generator: Realizing Uninterruptible Power Supply Supporting Factory Normal production, when the unit conversion is used, the standby generator set can be turned on, then stop the original running generator set, there is no need to power out the power.

Cummins generator sets 3: Multiple Cummins generator sets and linkage, current impact is shared by multiple generator sets, so that each generator set is stable, and can extend the generator set. Life.

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