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What do you need to pay attention to what generator sets in operation?

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What do you need to pay attention to the diesel generator set in the operation? Our company's technical staff is summarized as follows:

Please pay attention to the following points in operation.
1. AC current table: The table needle indicates whether it is normal, switching the current switching switch, and measures the phase-of-phase current value between each phase, and the phase sequence is not more than 10%.
2. AC voltage meter: Whether the voltage indicated by the table needle is normal.
3. The hydraulic pressure indicated by the oil pressure gauge is in the normal range.
4. Charge table: Whether the pointer is in the direction of (+).
5. Whether the water temperature indicated by the water temperature surface is in the range of normal 65 ° C to 93 ° C.
6. Turndometer: Whether the number of engines is appropriate. (50Hz is 1500 rpm)
7. The generator engine has no abnormal sound or vibration.

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