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What are the noise reduction sources of diesel generator groups? 18609915083

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Diesel generator sets typically produce noise from 95 to 128 dB (a). If the necessary noise reduction measures are not taken, the noise running in the unit will cause serious damage to the surrounding environment. In order to protect and improve environmental quality, noise must be controlled. The main noise sources of diesel generator sets are diesel engine production, including exhaust noise, mechanical noise, and combustion noise, cooling fan and exhaust noise, air noise, generator noise, and distribution of genetically vibration, etc..
1, exhaust noise. The exhaust noise is a high temperature, high-speed pulsatic airflow noise, is one energy in engine noise, and its noise can be 100 dB or more, which is the most important component in the total noise of the engine. The exhaust noise generated by the generator is discharged directly through a simple exhaust pipe (generator set exhaust pipe), and the noise frequency is also significantly improved with the gas flow rate, which has a serious impact on the life and work of adjacent residents.
2, mechanical noise and combustion noise. Mechanical noise is mainly due to vibration or mutual impact caused by changes in gas pressure and motion inertia during operation. It has the characteristics of noise transmission, decrease in decline. The combustion noise is structural vibration and noise generated during the combustion process.


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