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What are the common faults of permanent magnet AC generators? How to exclude?

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Permanent magnet AC generators have the following frequent failures:

1, the voltage is low. The reason and exclusion methods are:

(1) There is iron filings on the rotor. Iron filings should be eliminated;

(2) The speed of the generator is low. The belt tight should be adjusted;

(3) Rotor demagnetization.

2, do not generate electricity. Causes and exclusion methods are:

(1) Wiring header is loose. I can find a release point and securely:

(2) The armature coil is short circuit, the iron or open circuit. Compared with each of the resistors to find a fault part, it is excluded.

3, noise is too big. Causes and exclusion methods are:

(1) Bearing is deficieted or sweeping. Clean oil or replace the bearing.

(2) The bearing is loose. Adjustable or replace the bearing.

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