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Warning tips! ! ! Maintenance of battery

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In the operation and maintenance of the generator set, the maintenance of the generator set battery is very important, and it is also worth noting! Below our company's technical department to analyze the majority of users, do not understand what you can call 18999222000, 13809953146, 19609915083

Warning tips! There is a danger of fire and explosion. Battery switching contact with open fire or spark

Warning tips! The battery's electrolyte has a strong corrosive, to carry the battery when Baohua eyes, skin and clothes

Warning tips! It should be worried to wear protective eyes and gloves. If you touch the skin, apply soap and a lot of water cleaning

Warning tips! In case of touching eyes, you should use a lot of clear and clear and seek medical assist as soon as possible.

The connection and disconnection of the battery: first connect the (+) cable (red) to the (+) pole of the (+) cable (black) to receive the (-) pole of the battery (-) cable (black).

Remove the (-) cable (black) when the battery is disconnected, then remove (+) cable (red).

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