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Warmly celebrate the Kashgar Human Resources and Social Security Bureau cooperation with our company

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Our company provides the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau in Kashgar Regional 500kW from our companyDiesel generatorsGroup, the configuration of the diesel generator is 500kw Ricardo TAD500, the starlight TFW-500, which is equipped with muffler, tubing, battery, battery line, random spare parts, etc., equipment delivery location is Kashgar, our company is responsible for equipment installation, debugging And personnel training.

Kashgar is a border city in the western part of the motherland. Ancient Rishuo, one of the\"Anxi Four Town\", is an ancient city with history of more than 2,000 years. In 1952, Kashgar City has a total area of ​​554.8 square kilometers. It has jurisdiction over 6 townships, 2 towns, 1 field, 4 street offices, total population of 600,000 (including flowers 150,000), with the Uighur The minority population of the main body accounts for 82.8% of the total population, and the national characteristics are strong. It is known as\"less than Kashgar, which is not the reputation of Xinjiang\". The Kashi City is bordered or adjacent to the surrounding eight countries, and it is an important portal open to west to west. The strategic status is very highlighted. In 1984, the country was named the country, which was named in 1986 as a Chinese historical and cultural city, named China's tourism city in 2004. Kashi is the birthplace of Uighur National Culture, the historical and cultural relics of the Etiham Mosque, the Tomb of the Tomb, and the labyrine-style ancient street is the concentrated and famous\"Turkic\" of the Uighur architectural culture. The big dictionary\"and\" Fule Wisdom\"are the wisdom of national culture, profound cultural heritage, rich folk customs, and natural scenery, so that Kashgar has become a tourist attraction of the world ...

Our company has sales and after-sales service points in the Kashgar area, available for 3KW-2500KWDiesel generatorsGroup, gas generator group, high-voltage generator set, etc. Co., Ltd., Kashi White Hotel, etc. Details consult Gu Xiaobing 18999222000, 24-hour free Tel: 400-0991036

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