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Warmly celebrate the Habaphe Jinba Mining Co., Ltd. and our company work together

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Diesel in Haba River Dam Mining Co., Ltd.generatorEquipment purchase bidding project (bidding number: hbhjb-2014-14), our company won the bid, winning bidder 500KW of the upper firewood, output power: 625 kVa / 500kw, stable voltage adjustment rate ≤ ± 3%, frequency adjustment rate ≤ 5%, rated voltage: 230 / 400V, transient voltage adjustment rate ≤ ± 5, transient adjustment rate ≤ ± 5%, rated current: 900A, voltage recovery time ≤1.5S, frequency stable time ≤7s, rated frequency: 50Hz , Fluctuation rate ≤ ± 5%, fluctuation rate ≤1.5%
The project is located in the south of the west section of the Altai Mountain and the transition zone of the River Valley, the western margin of the River. 577 ~ 803m above sea level, relatively high difference 220m, is a low mountain hills. Topographic cut is very weak, North East - South West is relatively developed, mostly dried valley, only two streams of Calansu and Buha Tetrae.
The area belongs to the cold and dry climate zone, the spring drought, the summer is hot, the autumn is cool, the winter is cold, the air is dry, the wind speed is 36m / s, the annual average temperature is -4 ° C, extreme temperature-44.8 ° C, extreme temperature 39.5 ° C. The annual average precipitation is 205.7mm, and the water is 54mm, the annual evaporation is 1900.6mm, and the snow is 67cm.
Our company bids on Chai MieselgeneratorThe group fully meets the requirements of the bidding party. For details, please consult Gu Xiaobing: 18999222000, 400-0991036

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