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Walvo diesel generator set dedicated starting battery maintenance

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Long-term storage battery must be given appropriate charging before use to ensure the normal capacity of the battery. (Can detect the actual capacity of the battery by the specific gravity)
Normal operation and charging can cause some water in the battery to be evaporated, which requires a fluid to fluid a battery. Before the liquid, first clean the dirt around the filling port, prevent it from falling into the battery, then open the filling port, add the appropriate amount of distilled water or pure water, do not get over full (in the battery polar scale Standard), otherwise, the battery is discharged / charging, the internal electrolyte will flow from the overflow hole of the filling port, resulting in corrosion of the surrounding object and the environment.
Avoiding the battery at low temperature, the battery capacity will not be output normally in low temperature environment, and the long-term discharge may cause a battery failure (crack or explosion).
The spare unit battery should be maintained regularly to maintain the battery, which can be equipped with a floating charger. More related information consulting our company after-sales service department: 0991-3856119, 0991-3817210, 0991-3814032, 0991-3814032, 400-0991036

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