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Volvo engine stop and emergency shutdown considerations

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Note: Unless emergency, when the engine is turned to the engine, it should be run at a low idle run for at least 3 minutes.
1. Move the handle to the intermediate position to remove the positive reversing mechanism
2. Turn the boot key to the \"S \" position and keep it until the engine is parked. Take the key.
3. Check if the engine has leakage after stopping
4. Turn off the fuel switch and sea water switch
5. Turn off the power switch
6. Read the hour meter and do a good job, conduct preventive maintenance according to the maintenance schedule
Emergency stop
1. Move the speed lever (1) to a low idle speed.
2. Move the stop rod (2) in the direction of the arrow until the engine is stopped. After the engine is stopped, \"No Charging Voltage \" and\"Lubricating Oil Pressure Low \" alarm display light will illuminate.
3. Turn the key to the position \"0 \" and unplug the key. At this point the alarm display will go out.

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