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Usu New World - Friendly Beer Square 800KW Low Noise Diesel Generator Project, our company winning

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Our company provides Xinjiang Usu New World - Friendly Beer Plaza Project One 800KW CumminsDiesel generatorsGroup, the diesel generator sets configuration self-start control cabinet, low noise box, battery, battery line, connect cable, random spare parts, special tools, etc.


Xinjiang Usu Oktoberfest is held in Xindiansi. Friendly Beer Square, and the project is located in the north of Huanghe West Road, Usu. The total land area of ​​the project is: 49221.00m2; total building area is 87063.81m2. Newly built underground supermarket building area 19552.74m2, underground garage construction area 5774.16m2, floor commercial building area of ​​28646.71m2, hotel building area 33090.20 m2. The commercial interior sets about 80x105m beer square, and the outer side lane of the building is set to the outer side of the building. The business part is divided into the five sections of A, B, C, D, E, for the frame structure, one floor, and the upper floor. The basement layer is 6m, one, the second layer is 4m high, and the basement is 400mm reinforced concrete retaining wall. The frame column is mainly 700mm × 700mm, 700mm × 900mm, 800mm × 800mm, 600mm × 600mm, 750mm × 750mm, 850mm × 850mm, 800mm × 1500mm, etc., this scheme mainly calculates 800 mm × 1500 mm and 700 mm × 700 mm frame column. The frame beam is mainly 300mm × 900mm, 300mm × 650mm, 300mm × 700mm, 250mm × 600mm, 400 mm, 450mm × 900mm, 450mm × 1400mm, 400 × 1500, and the like. Our company offersDiesel generatorsThe group is mainly used for the backup power supply of the project, organized the tendering activities by the Kuitun Hongyuan Times Group Corporation. Delivery location is Wusu Xintiandi • Friendly Beer Plaza project site. Details consult Gu Xiaobing 1899222000, 400-0991036

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