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US revised business and industrial motor energy savings standards, how

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The US Department of Energy issued a final rule on the Federal Communique to revise the energy savings standards of commercial and industrial motors.

The revision, the US Department of Energy proposes energy savings standards for a large number of different categories of different categories of different categories not prior to regulatory, and some of the original standards have been maintained in regulatory machines, and the other part has been modified.

The US Department of Energy broadens the scope of application of existing standards, in addition to fire pump motors, requires all currently regulated motors to meet the energy efficiency of 12-12 and Table 20-B in MG1-2011 issued by the US Electric Manufacturers Association (NEMA) standard. Fire pump motors maintain existing standards, and all other motors covered in the final rules must also meet the above standards.

The revised Energy Policy and Savings Act (EPCA) stipulates energy-saving standards for various consumer products and business and industrial equipment, including motors. EPCA requires the US Department of Energy to determine whether the revised standard is technical, economically reasonable, and can save a lot of energy. After assessment, the amendments to energy-saving standards can not only bring huge energy savings, but also reduce the emissions of gas such as CO2, methane, SO2, nitrogen oxides, but also have significant environmental benefits.

The effective date of the final rule is July 28, 2014, which is subject to the requirements of the energy saving standards of business and industrial motors from June 1, 2016.

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