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The vibration of inferior diesel generator group affects the daily life of the residents

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Yesterday I saw a news, the home of the first floor of a residential community has a shake. It is also a glass of water to be placed on the table. What is the reason?
It turned out, because the power-up room under this floor has a 600KW emergency alternate diesel generator set, because the diesel generator is used, the vibration is too large, which affects the daily life of the residents.
In fact, because the current floor is getting higher and higher, people are more and more inseparable from electricity. Therefore, each residential building is equipped with a diesel generator set. However, some developers often in order to pursue interests. It is cheap, and the quality performance is not a good generator set to cope with fire acceptance, so there is more than the above situation. In fact, the vibration of the good diesel generator set will not be large. Under normal circumstances, Residents are all in the following floors, if installed properly, it will not affect the life of residents.
The quality of the generator set produced by Jiangsu Xingguang Power Group is stable, and the shock absorber is equipped under each unit, which is equipped with a secondary silencer, so the vibration is small, the noise is low. It is very suitable for the residential area.
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