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The price of diesel generator sets is more than just a brand.

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Many people know productionDiesel generator setsThere are a lot of big brands, of course, generator prices are also a lot of gap. In fact, its actual gap is not just because of the brand, the quality of the generator and various accessories are the main factors that pull the price gap.
First, diesel generator sets include two parts of diesel engine and generator.Diesel generator setsThe price is different from the brands and configurations of these two parts. When the diesel brands are the same, the power is the same, pay attention to the different generators, selecting different generators, the performance of the entire diesel generator, diesel The performance of the generator set is very important, so the user must be cautious when purchasing a diesel generator set, and can consult the salesperson of the diesel generator set according to their own needs, thereby selecting the matching generator.
Second, the price of diesel generator setsDiesel generator setsThe material has a direct relationship. Today, with the rise of the market steel prices, the price of diesel generator sets is constantly rising. Second, especially in winter, the city's electric supply does not seek, many northern regions have already restricted power, which makes the price of diesel generator sets Rapid, then, the diesel generator set is complicated by many parts, and the production line process is complex, so the manufacturing cost of the entire diesel generator set is relatively high. More related information, please consult our company after-sales service department: 0991-3856119, 0991-3817210, 0991-3814032, 0991-3814032, 400-0991036

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