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The failure of the conversion switch occurs in those parts? The Starlight Technical Department tells you!

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The failure of the switching switch is most likely to occur in the contact portion, which causes ablation of the contact surface in the contact surface due to the following reasons.

1. The startup time is too long during operation, so that the large, small copper contacts and contacts are overheated.

2. Large, small copper contacts or the center hole wear of the insulating rubber Washer, causing the contacts to be uncomfortable, causing poor power generation, dual burns.

3. The rod return spring is soft, the pressure is insufficient or the contact group is maintained, and the pressure of the copper disc and the contact between the copper disc is small.

4. After the maintenance, the copper disk contact and the copper disk distance increase or improperly assembled.

5. The card circle on the top rod is falling off.

6. Large copper center hole insulation gasket is damaged, causing battery I to short-circuit that spring is burned.

7. Four pairs of normally closed contact surface oxidation, resulting in poor battery II charging circuit or short circuit

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