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The birth of a new generator, a force for smog

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As the haze problem is getting more serious, people have also begun to promote environmentally friendly travel, environmentally friendly, but the haze problem has not been alleviated. Recently, Starlight has a new type of generator that uses nature energy power generation to cause pollution to the environment, unlike diesel generators and gas generators, producing petrochemical energy, resulting in pollution. A large number of electric supplies are used in a new generator, and the smog issue may be alleviated. Let's take a look at this environmental new generator together with the star.

R & D \"ZC-F type self-circulating magnetic power generator \" may fill a blank of new high-clean energy. According to reports, the product can last for several years of uninterrupted operation and power generation, and does not consume any petrochemical energy, can replace the current petrochemical heat energy. The generator is like solar energy and wind energy generators, all of which use nature existing energy to convert power generation.

It is understood that before the machine works, first starts the machine with a micro power source, and then generators use magnetically to power generation (50 Hz, 220V ~ 380V), and the magnetic power generator started can be driven. 3 3 kW iodine tungsten tubes and a 4.5 kW electric motor, and the duration is more than twenty minutes. This generator developed is high, and the energy saving efficiency is high and the service life is long (you can keep running for 15 - 20 years for a long time). At the same time, it is not subject to any geographical conditions and use environments, it is really convenient and fast and environmentally friendly generators.

According to reports, the generator can transmit high-definition electricity for a long time without interruption, and the power can be used by nature magnetic source during the entire working process (which is supplied from a nature magnetic source). The cost is zero. \"ZC-F-type self-circulating magnetic power generator \" can be widely used in a variety of large and medium-sized load, bus, rental, household car, etc. as a power used. At the same time, it is also possible to use electricity and electricity for aerospace, institutions. \"Especially for public places and rescue temporary power resources, such as energy demand consumption markets. This technical project has flexible mobile application and universal adaptability of any place, \" large to heavy industrial electricity, small to each line Electric production electricity, micro-to-thousand household appliances.

Since the generator does not discharge any exhaust gas waste during the entire operation, there is no thermal emissions and radiation sources to achieve energy saving, low carbon, and environmentally friendly. If a large number of promotion of this magnetic power generator, it can effectively reduce and improve the heat (greenhouse) effect, smog weather, etc. due to the production of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and chemical carcinogens due to combustion petrochemical energy power generation.

It can be seen that self-circulating magnetic power generators that can alleviate smog problems will get everyone's favorite. Starlight technicians are also constantly combining the performance of diesel generators in doing research, and the exhaust gas waste produced by the combustion petrochemical energy generated can also be used to become environmentally friendly energy. Want to know more about the knowledge of the generator, welcome to call the stars.

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