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Survey Group in Engineer High Pressure Generator Features

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Introduction to England High Pressure Generators

(1) Generator meets harsh environmental conditions such as desert, cold.

(2) The generator cooling mode is air cooling, double bearing structure.

(3), the generator is 4, synchronous speed 1500R / min. At the same time, the production of 6 poles, 8 poles, 10 poles, 12 poles, 1000R / min, 750R / min, 600R / min, 500R / min, respectively Medium and low speed low pressure, high pressure synchronous generator.

(4) Two major series of rated motors 10.5kV and 6.3kV. It can be extended to 3300V, 6600V, 13800V, etc.

(5) Power range: 500kW-2600KW, 710mm, 1000mm seat number development, the power range extends to 6000kW.

(6) The protection level is IP23 and IP44.

(7) Generator excitation adopts a PMG excitation method, and the permanent magnet generator is a small generator that provides a magnetic field with a permanent magnet, a sensing power source as a power source of the motor excitation machine.

(1) Ingge high pressure generator stator

High voltage generator stator coil

The stator coil uses a molded coil, the insulating layer is tight, the overall overall overall coil is well, and the medium loss is relatively small, and the service life of the stator coil is improved, and the stator coil line portion and the end have adopted anti-electricity treatment measures, respectively. It greatly improves the insulation performance and effectively prevents the electrical corrosion of the insulating surface. Greatly enhance the operational reliability of the motor.

The stator winding is a double-layer short torque winding, the tamper coefficient is 5/6, improves the generator waveform, the slant groove design, the weakening of the teeth harmonic, and the PT100 temperature measurement element per phase in the stator windings can achieve the motor. Motor. Internal temperature rise monitoring. The motor is installed inside the motor, which effectively protects the motor after the generator is stopped, and the motor is not protected, does not revea, improve the motor operating life and reliability.

During the motor manufacturing process, the insulating structure strictly ensures three times the voltage test of the rated voltage, and the high reliability and safety of the electrical properties are fully guaranteed. Fully comply with the operating safety standards of national related high voltage motors.

(2) Ingge high pressure generator rotor

High pressure generator ventilation structure

The rotor adopts a high-speed pressure immersion painting treatment using a high-speed balanced process plan using a high-speed balanced process, and the rotor winding line portion is used by a high-speed balanced process. The rotor winding line portion is supported by the insulated support. The structural strength of the rotor winding greatly increases the performance and operation of the overall motor of the rotor.

Excitation system: The generator is a brushless and angromel magnetic magnetic mode, which is equipped with a exciting machine and a permanent magnet, the exciting machine is built-in, and the inside of the rear end cover is installed, and the permanent magnet machine is installed outside the rear end cover and the outer cover is installed.

Ventilation system: Motor ventilation cooling mode is axial, radially ventilated cooling, cold wind is blown from both sides of the rear end of the seat, and the air is blown out of the front end of the seat; the fan is in a radial centrifugal fan.

(3) Interger high voltage generator structure design

The base is a combination of a box and a cylinder to facilitate mixing ventilation and strengthen the core heat dissipation effect. IP23 or IP44 protection level. The internal press structure is convenient for the stator embodies, and the welding process is reliable. High-strength spindle, deflection calculation results 4.3%, bearing calculation life of 300,000 hours.

(4) Engaged high pressure generator component configuration

1 can be installed automatic lubrication system

Drawing from the automatic lubrication system of the wind power dual-feed asynchronous generator, use the Lincoln brand automatic oil injection in the United States to carry out the automatic oil of the high-voltage generator, the oil injection, high-strength fiber storage tank, can provide 3 independent Lubrication system, optional liquid crystal control panel, the progressive allocation valve has a variety of exit options, and can be inside and without external extra three-way connector.

2 Adopt AVR or DVR voltage regulator.

3 Adopt import NSK or TMK bearings.

4 The generator can make moisture-proof, anti-bacteria, and anti-salt fog.

5 precision voltage transformer.

6 can be applied to the temperature controller.

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