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Structural characteristics and performance advantages of Tongfeng Cummins 15-200KW

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Structural features: DC power start, four strokes, water cooling, self-belling fan, closed cycle cooling, intake air, cold, exhaust gas pressure. The cylinder design is rugged, the vibration is small, the noise is small, the four-cylinder four stroke, the operation is smooth, the efficiency is high: the replaceable cylinder block, the long life, the maintenance is convenient; the two cylinders are covered, the intake is sufficient, Excellent performance; forcibly cool, heat radiation.
★ Heavy load durability;
★ Outstanding transient responsiveness;
★ Adopt electronic governor;
★ Electronic control system uses DC24V, equipped with a laint
Performance: Superiority: It has the advantage of small size, light weight, low oil, high power, reliable work, reliable work, and convenient work. With electronic governors, there is a protective function of too high cooling water, low oil pressure and speed alarm and automatic parking.
Optimization design:
> Camshaft: Large-diameter convex wheel design, can withstand higher load, accurately control valve and injective timing; induction hardening makes the cam life longer; optimized the design of the cam type line, slowing the velocity of the gas six The impact force is reduced, reduced wear and vibration, improve the reliability and durability of the launch.
> Link: Dimensional Forging Link, the shaft airway provides pressure lubricating oil for the piston; the shaft optimization design reduces the unit stress.
> Cooling system: Use belt drive centrifugal pump. The large flow waterway is a cooling water that surrounds the water chamber of the air cylinder, the valve and the injector. The rotary water filter contains a special dry chemical additive DCA4 that effectively prevents the cylinder rocked, the water pump impeller, the cooling system is corroded, the fouling, etc., the acidity of the coolant, and remove impurities.
> Crankshaft: The integral crankshaft manufactured by high-strength forging steel, manufactured by high-strength and high-balanced precision process, crankshaft, and journal technology, crankshaft fatigue strength.
> Cylinder: High-strength alloy cast iron manufacturing, new cylinder structure, make engine rigidity, improvement in sealing, decreased vibration, and low noise.
> Cylinder cover: Each tank four gas doors design, optimize air / fuel mixing, improve combustion and emissions, rapid engine response, pulsed exhaust trails, which is advantageous for exhaust energy. High-strength alloy cast iron casting can withstand higher impact, making the engine's speeding capacity, one cylinder head, maintenance, and convenient replacement per two cylinder.
> Cylinder set: replaceable wet cylinder liner, better than drying cylinder blocks, replacement, no need to recharge the cylinder.

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