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Steps and empty operation of diesel generator sets

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Steps and empty operation of diesel generator sets

Motor setEndless steps:

(1) Disconnect the electric motor outlet oil circuit breaker. (2) Start the generator and keep it unchanged after the rated speed is reached. (3) Conjugate the excitation switch, then gradually adjust the resistor RN, increase the excitation current, at which point, the terminal voltage Vo also increases, until the end voltage is raised to 1.25 times the rated voltage. In the process of regulating the RN, you should choose 9 ~ 10 points, and the number of VO, IL, and the corresponding speed is simultaneously recorded, and it should be noted that more points in the vicinity of the rated value. (4) Adjust the resistor RN to reduce the excitation current until zero, and also record the corresponding VO and IL in the points in (3), when the excitation current IL is down, the residual magnetic voltage value should be read. . (5) According to the recorded VO and IL, the value, the generally rising curve and the decreased curve can be drawn, and then the average value can be obtained, that is, the no-load detergent curve of the generator can be obtained.

Generator setSignificance:

The meaning of the no-load can be manifested in actual use, and any formula type is unable to express the meaning of the airborne operation. In actual use, the generator's no-load operation is usually used to test whether the generator is running normally, and as long as the no-load operation is normal, the generator output power state is substantially normal.

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