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Starlight talk: UPS power supply and diesel generator set docking problem

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Mainly the high-end harmonic component problem in the UPS input current. Its high-level harmonic current generated by its pre-stage rectifier, with the input current into the armature windings of the synchronous generator in its power supply unit, and interfere with the armature field. The voltage waveform output by the generator is distorted, and there is also a high-level harmonic component. Such a voltage is supplied to the UPS, and if the high-end harmonic component is sufficient to interfere with the operation of the locking circuit that disrupts the UPS trace input voltage, the UPS cannot be converted to the inverter. It does not match the diesel generator set. Of course, the diesel generator set is larger than the UPS output power, so that the powerful armature magnetic field of its synchronous generator is relatively small, thereby reducing the higher harmonic components in the output voltage. Solving the matching with UPS is a way, but it is too economical. Preferred approach is to select the pre-levels of the powered power factor correction circuit PFC or the IGBT rectifier UPS product. Their input current harmonic components are less than 5%, which is very conducive to the matching of diesel generator sets. For the installed UPS, the power quality analyzer can be detected by the power quality analyzer to detect the size of the input current, and the diagnosis is required to filter the large harmonic component as much as possible to implement it. Adjacent with diesel generator sets. More related information consulting our diesel power generation units: 0991-3856119, 0991-3817210, 0991-3814032, 0991-3814032, 40991036

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